Investment Philosophy
Ariva Partners is a new model for early stage venture capital that combines the domain expertise of successful industry executives with the best practices of venture investing in a unique partnership structure. The Ariva model was developed to build lasting companies by enabling each investment partner to focus on their respective areas of expertise and work closely with two to three emerging company opportunities in an active mentorship role. Ariva Partners is a collection of exceptional executives with current and deep technology and operating expertise across a range of market segments including software, systems, semiconductors and healthcare. Each partner has more than 20 years of experience building companies and creating shareholder value.
Ariva was formed in 2007 by Ajit Shah and Robert Simon, whose combined experience includes thirty years of operating experience and twelve years of venture experience managing funds with over $1 billion of assets. They are joined by six venture partners with distinguished careers as successful entrepreneurs, investors and mentors.
Investment Model
  Early stage investments of $500,000 to $1 million
Achieve significant milestone or proof point
Co-lead follow on investment with another top-tier venture firm.
Investment Criteria
  Entrepreneurs with energy and passion
Clearly identified market opportunities and pain points
Strong technical team
Defensible technology