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Andy Ludwick Mr. Ludwick has a combined thirty five years of experience as an operating executive, entrepreneur and private venture investor. Mr. Ludwick was the co-founder and CEO of SynOptics Communications, a leader in the LAN market and the pioneer in the use of copper twisted pair wiring for high speed networking. He led the company from inception to over $2 billion in revenue. Mr. Ludwick also served as the CEO of Bay Networks (formed by the merger of SynOptics and Wellfleet) from 1995-1997. Prior to SynOptics, Mr. Ludwick served as an operating executive at Xerox. He has been active as a private investor in technology startups for 8 years and was an early investor in Fast Forward Networks and Foundry Networks.  Mr. Ludwick’s venture relationships include Sequoia Capital, Menlo Ventures, Accel Partners and Redpoint Ventures. Mr. Ludwick holds a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Harvard College.
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