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Mike Pliner
Mr. Pliner has a combined thirty five years of experience as an entrepreneur, operating executive and angel investor. Mr. Pliner was the founder and CEO of Verity, a leader in the enterprise search market. He took the company from inception to over $20M in revenue. Prior to Verity, Mr. Pliner was the founder and CEO of Sytek, a leader in LAN systems. Mr. Pliner successfully grew the company to $96M in revenues and eventually sold the company to Hughes in 1988. He has been active as an angel investor for the past five years and was an early investor in Red Seal and Aerille. Mr. Pliner's venture relationships include Venrock, USVP and Sutter Hill. Mr. Pliner holds a PhD in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve; Masters and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Case Institute of Technology.